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In the spirit of the new year, I would like to deliver this message: Change is GOOD. Every year new knowledge surfaces, and the structure of all that you have known shifts; sometimes gradually, sometimes drastically. Do not be afraid of change. Embrace it, and encourage it; for it is with change that we all grow into greatness.

We Adapt

When consumers change their minds, it inevitably affect your business. Whether you are a direct business to consumer (B2C) operation or a business to business (B2B) operation, the ripple effect ultimately will get to you. Eventually you would need to adapt your business process to satisfy your customers.

Here are some examples of change in the software development industry:

  • Many years ago my client asked me to make his system to bill on the first day of the month and only the first day of the month – he was very adamant that this will never be changed, yet a year later he wanted to bill twice a month.
  • When I was doing a system for a schedule-A bank, the specification said billing in advance only, it turned out that some financial products are actually billed in arrears.
  • Client said the drop down list is getting too long, a combo box display would be better.
  • The number of items should not exceed a certain number, it is now approaching the limit provided by the database.
  • When you tested your system with real data, you realized that you need to process multiple records at a time instead of one record at a time.

In this internet day and age. The speed of change is getting faster and faster. Time to market is everything. Not only do we need to adapt, we need to adapt fast.

We Learn

We learn by attending seminars; reading a book, talking to others. When we gather new information, we often come up with a better idea to improve the current business process. Whether you are in progress of building a system or you already have a system, you wish to implement your new idea right away.

Architect for Change

Knowing that change is inevitable and that speed of change is getting faster than ever, let’s construct our lives and businesses to welcome and embrace changes. In the same token, system should be built for change. Ideally all changes can be done on-the-fly.

Embrace architectures that enable and encourage fluidity. Live life knowing that you can handle anything that’s out there.


Author: Nelson L

Graduated with an Honor degree in Computer Science and MBA. Both from the University of Western Ontario in the 80's. Seasoned entrepreneur in web and mobile database technology. Invented Rintagi automated development platform which simplifies mission-critical database application development and maintenance via drag and drop, with the ability to rejuvenate itself and the applications it generates constantly as technology advances. Rintagi generated applications are currently managing billions of dollar of assets for financial and oil & gas institutions. Recent inventions include automated index predictions engine and automated prototyping/development tool that can create responsive web applications.

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